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You must FIGHT to stay FIT


Fitness Trainer
Health and Wellness Coach

Ms. ReneWinters

My purpose is deeply connected to helping girls and women to be the best version of themselves. 


I knew it was always essential to help women face their fears, clear the negative self-talk, and find balance in themselves. Young girls and women need to find their strength. To know they are truly amazing and can accomplish anything.


For GIRLS...

I created the Angie Wonders book series. A children's series to inspire our girls in the areas of STEM. The book is parent-friendly and will inspire your child to question the world around them.


For WOMEN...

I am a fitness trainer and wellness coach.

Specializing in helping women 40+ to reach their greatest potential. 

You must fight to get FIT. It's all within your grasp.  

Dig deeper and find your path...your true self.   


The hardest mountain to climb is the one within.


Are you a woman 40 plus struggling to  regain your health and fitness?
Start TODAY!

Train Online with Renee

From the Comfort of Home

Lose Weight and Get in Shape

Are you looking to change your health? Let me help you do that in the comfort of your home. Your program will be designed based on your equipment access, your current health,  and your fitness goals.  Sign up for a free consultation TODAY.


Comprehensive Program Designed for Women over 40

This overall fitness/health/life guidance program will set your life on FIRE!  You will be guided through an overall program to change your mindset, fitness, and health habits. Get Started TODAY. You deserve to be FIT_FIERCE and FINE!


Please contact Ms. Renee Winters regarding workshops, fitness programs, or speaking engagements.

(516) 650-9745

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